• News and Updates!

    Between Gigs Jobs

    We're almost in the home stretch and beta launch is right around the corner!


    The suspense is too much to keep to ourselves so I think it's only fair to share news on updates, new features, bugs we found in development, and some cool stuff coming down the pipeline.

  • Private-Beta has launched for employers!

    Suuupppppper exciteeeeeeed!!

    Beta-launch is Upon Us

    Let the games begin..

    It's alive! It's alive! Lol.


    We signed up our first 6 employers this last week!


    So, here's how it works. We're working with a select number of organizations that signup with us, create a profile, post jobs, search for candidates, send job invites, manage applicants, and tell us what works well or what kinda' sucks lol.


    We appreciate any and all feedback. Keep you posted!

  • Quick Chat for Connections

    Making connections is essential to growing your network, sharing opportunities, and meeting creatives from all over the world.


    The quick chat feature allows just that! We want to make communication between connections seamless and super excited to introduce this feature!


    Stay tuned!



  • Did You Say 'Landing Page'?

    So glad you asked lol!

    Employer Signup Page

    View Videos. Search Candidates. Leave Real Reviews.

    Landing pages are important.

    An effective landing page needs to be inviting, informative, warm, functional, and a little humor wouldn't hurt. Company customers signing up with Between Gigs Jobs will have a clear picture of what we offer and awesome value they're receiving!


    Are you an employer looking for creatives? Go here! https://www.betweengigsjobs.works

    Universal Login Page

    Creatives make connections. Employers make the right hire. Simple.

    Landing pages are important.

    Our universal landing page is finally here! We're super close to getting our early beta-users on the platform and will be reaching out really soon.


    Stay tuned!!

  • Connections Request

    Accept Connection Requests from Creatives

    Before accepting a connection, check out a creatives' profiles, intro videos, and build your network to chat, access resources, or share gigs!

  • Private-Beta has launched for candidates!

    Signup as a Candidate or Networker!

    It's time to partaaaaaaaay!!

    The moment we've all been waiting for. Lots of hard work, tireless dedication, a tinge of creativity, and we couldn't done any of it without your awesome support.


    We already have a few candidates on the site that have successfully applied to part-time employment opportunities, made connections with other creatives, and browse castings.


    Stay tuned as we gather insight, feedback, and continue to make improvements!

  • Future Features


    Implement Referral Logic on Candidate Side

    One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is a hook up! Connections will soon have the opportunity to refer friends for amazing part-time job opportunities.


    This will add a new layer of ammunition to your job search while pursuing your career.


    Stay tuned!

  • Cool Tools We Use..

    What's really happening under the hood?


    MAILCHIMP is an on-marketing platform for small businesses.

    We love Mailchimp! It allows us to create awesome email campaigns, implement automation, analyze data, and collect user-emails seamlessly.


    Strikingly lets you build a website in minutes!

    Our landing page and blog has been powered by Strikingly since the beginning providing tons of value, as well as, creative flexibility.



    Zapier is an online automation tool that connects apps.

    We use Zapier for tons of integrations, so far - we're connecting HelloBar, Mailchimp, and Twitter. This is awesome!


    Hello Bar provides customized messages for your website.

    That cool looking bar you see at the top of our site that 'Request Early Access'? Yeppppppp, that's Hellobar lol!


    Bubble makes projects and businesses possible that without it, simply wouldn’t exist.

    This is the core and foundation of what we're using to build Between Gigs Jobs and couldn't be happier. Not knowing how to code is no longer a liability when starting a business. Bubble is awesome!

  • Bugs

    We Found a Few Critters in Development Lol..

    In app notifications for current user candidate not working right

    In-app notifications should display new gigs by candidates, likes/comments made by other candidates on current user's gig(s), and job invites sent to you by employers, etc.


    Currently, new candidate signups that like or comment on other candidates gigs see an in app notification that displays their name describing actions taken (likes or comments on gigs) as if the current user is another candidate.


    Gonna get this one fixed before launch!

    Candidate applying to job is seen with 'Job Invite Sent' label when invite wasn't sent by employer

    'Job Invite Sent' green label on candidate profile only needs to display when an invite is sent by the employer of the job post - if candidate applies to the on their own the green label needs to say 'New Applicant'.

    In this scenario it should say 'New Applicant' since a job invite wasn't sent and the candidate applied on his/her own.


    Gonna get this one fixed before launch!

  • Known Issues

    These are hanging around for a while lol..

    Employer Can't Save a Job Post

    Expected Behavior: Employer can edit a job post by clicking the 'edit' icon, opening the job post, edit the desired content, and click save to display changes.


    Actual Behavior: Employer cannot save changes made to job post and load time is inconsistent.


    Workaround: An employer can create an up-to-date job post and delete the old one.